SRRS158 “The Fourth Annual Shabby Awards”

Put on your finest threads and walk the red carpet with us to this year’s Shabbies. You get highlights (and lowlights) of the past year, hilarious live reads by Ricky, bad monologue jokes, and an “opening number” that will shock and amaze you! Find out the winners of “Best Rock Star Tragedy”, “Best Impression”, “Best Song”, “Rant of the Year”, the “Enabler Award” and much more. It’s our favorite show to do and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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Ryan, AD, LIZZ, SAL5000

SRRS157 ”Pickle Park Badge Bunny”

Which song does Ryan cite as the grandaddy of all “murdering your old lady” songs? Which band built the stage at CBGB’s? Which rock star told John Lennon to “F off” causing Lennon to like him and the 2 spent the evening drinking with Keith Moon? Which band was formed on Friday the 13th? Which singer drank so much at a record label sponsored party that he needed his stomach pumped? Which song does AD claim is the worst ever played on the show?

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Ryan McKay


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Ryan McKay is an award winning guitarist/singer/songwriter based in Phoenix. He has worked with several notable musicians including members of Black Sabbath/Ozzy Ozbourne, Dio, Rod Stewart, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Badlands, and Jeff Beck.

Currently, Ryan is performing jazz/swing artist Louis Prima Jr.

His previous project Crash Street Kids released 5 critically acclaimed albums. In 2007, the album Chemical Dogs was voted ‘album of the year’ in the UK. In the US, the single ‘Mandy and the Leapers’ (composed and sung by Ryan) was named song of the year at the Hollywood Fame Awards.

Louis Prima Jr is the son of the legendary jazz giant known for such hits as Jump, Jive and Wail, Just a Gigolo, and Disney’s Jungle Book. Ryan’s swinging guitar and stellar songwriting can be heard on the albums ‘Return of the Wildest’ and the Top 30 charting follow up ‘Blow’ (Warrior/Universal records). The group can be spotted on tour and coast to coast on national television broadcasts.

In addition to writing, recording and touring Ryan also dedicates his time to teaching guitar to future rock stars young and old. He has also been a panelist on the National Engineering Society’s seminar series ‘The Other Side of the Glass’. And still finds time to host a weekly music talk podcast called ‘Shabby Road Record Show’.