SRRS235 ”Barnacle Bailing Flying Circus”

Which drummer never revealed his identity until he starred in a B movie called “Biceps of Steel?” Which rocket hosted a dinner party for his friends and served curry from a giant bowl that contained a pair of his underwear? Which album cover features pictures from what we think is the worst photo shoot ever? Is it possible to transfer your brain to others through the use of LSD? Who invented the mashup? #impeachLDB 🙂 Thanks for listening and sharing the show. CHEERS! AD, Ryan, Lizz

SRRS233 ”Milking the Rhinoceros’ Teet”

Which singer would routinely puke on stage much to the delight of his fans? Which band unwittingly financed a legendary recording studio thanks to their appalling contract with their manager? Who is the new “Suzi Quatro”? Which record exec left the music business to run a circus? Which drummer causes AD to give us an impromptu drum lesson? Which singer does Ryan think “sounds like he’s bathed in sweat”?
Thanks to Jonathan Thompson for springing for some beer, which was traded for Fireball. 😀