SRRS215 ”Turn it Crackwise”

Which singer proclaimed that AD would not live to see the age of 30? Which landscaper was thrust into the music business by her friends based on her vocal prowess? Did Cher have plastic surgery? Which artist bravely told the mob to beat it when he started his own record label and publishing company? Did you make the same face we all did during Ryan’s last record?

SRRS214 ”Riding the Scarecrow”

Which band angered most of the London music scene in 1967 when they were awarded “house band” status at the legendary Marquee Theatre? Which singer paid a half a million dollars to get out of a recording contract? Which record did AD fall in love with because the “superstar singer” was completely drugged out and past their prime? Which singer demanded lyric changes of gender, mode of transportation, and destination to a future smash hit?

SRRS213 ”Ancient Hobo Burial Ground”

Which guitarist went to a Badlands gig specifically to thank Jake E. Lee for mentioning him in an interview? Which band had 3 different touring versions, one of which kept going after the only original member died? Which guitarist got a call from David Bowie but his girlfriend hung up thinking it was a prank? Which album did AD find plastered over the walls, in every possible spot of his local record store in 1975?

SRRSH12 “Happy Hour 12″

Shabby music geeks return for an hour of ROCK AND ROLL VINYL related games, trivia, and discussion.

Single disc live albums from the 70’s get hoisted from steerage onto the plank for a game of OVERBOARD. Three dark, early 70’s German albums are up for sale and AD has to put them in order according to value in a game of PRICE HIKE. Your Shabby pals match wits in LUSCIOUS LIZZ’ ROCK AND ROLL QUIZ. Ryan has a brand new batch of HEEP or POE and the HAPPY TRACK is a horrible song but has the most epic inner sleeve we’ve ever seen.

SRRS212 ”Take a Powder!”

Which rocker left the music business to own a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise? Which band did AD have a misconception of what they sounded like? Which name for the new turntable was wholly rejected by AD? Which rocker started out in Broadway at the age of 5, then studied medicine before getting into music? Which band were called Nazis despite one member’s mother being a holocaust survivor? Which band revived their career by scoring a series of supermarket tv commercials?