SRRS194 ”Flirty Fishing”

Which guitarist left his band to join a religious cult after a sound check and prior to a gig in Los Angeles? Which guitarist trashed his guitar and his dressing room, refused to go onstage then heckled the band from the mixing console? Which guitarist was sleeping with the drummer’s wife backstage at the Midnight Special in 1973? Which epic battle song “out by-tors” Rush according to AD?
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SRRS193 ”Take Advantage of Those Wack-offs”

Which song was inspired by an arrest for littering? What artist performed on a radio station and didn’t know he was being recorded? Which band’s members all recorded concept albums in previous bands prior to meeting? Which pop star/music impresario was found guilty of child molestation?

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SRRS192 ”Quite the Honker”

Which Swedish doom band has their own line of beer? Which punk band was signed to Bomp Records after recording their demo at Shabby Road? Which artist, down on his luck, only had the jacket of his debut album inside of it was a Glen Campbell record? Which band’s name was rumored to be inspired by a slang term in high school for “cool shoes?” Which guitarist once gave lessons to Jimmy Page?

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SRRS191 ”Spaceballs”

Which album was recorded after the group had committed murders? Which guitarist was inspired by seeing Humble Pie the night they recorded “Rockin’ the Fillmore?” What is the most returned album in history? Which album did AD bring to play at recess in 5th grade leading the teacher to request that he not be allowed to bring another record again? Which band convinced drummer Peter Criss to reconnect with KISS’ Gene Simmons in the 1980’s? Which singer made and entire festival crowd exit the grounds so he could do his sound check?

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SRRS190 ”One Hungry Alligator”

Which guitarist got stabbed by a fork thrown at him from a balcony during a concert? Which 1970’s punk rock 45 is fetching $500 on discogs? Will Carl have a “problem with that?” Which concept album was inspired by an acid trip in the Hollywood Hills? Which rock star has gained so much weight it caused AD to rewrite all the song titles from his first 2 albums? Which teen pop star was held at gunpoint for 9 hours by a drunken Phil Spector?

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