SRRSG06 ”Desert Island Party in the 1970’s – SamePageCast”

Ryan joins Pods and Sods Network alumni Craig and Megan for a discussion about their favorite top 40 hits of the 1970’s year by year. Listen in as Ryan dishes out some music theory with his guitar, while the 3 70’s fanatics discuss G’nip G’nop, disco, Joker’s Wild and more.

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SRRSG04 ”Statutory Rock with BJ from Rock and or Roll Podcast”

Ryan and AD are guests on the “Rock and or Roll Podcast” to discuss musicians predilection for writing songs about the underage. This lighthearted look at this taboo subject incriminates the likes of Ted Nugent, Gary Puckett, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Styx, Winger, and many more. Check out BJ’s podcast at
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Shabby Road Guests on Iron Maiden “Number of the Beast” Podcast

Ryan and AD joined BJ on the Rock and/or Roll Podcast to discuss Iron Maiden’s classic 1982 album “Number of the Beast”. Check it out!

“..Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of this episode, for it is a human number, its number is three, for this is the third episode in our series on Iron Maiden and this time around BJ is joined by Ryan McKay and A.D. Adams from The Shabby Road Record Show for an entertaining discussion about the band’s third album The Number of the Beast.”