SRRS237 “Skull Epaulets”

Which band sounds like they are about to rape and pillage you and your town? Which band is “cartoonishly satanic?” Which producer would only get a few songs going before falling over?” Which band backed up the actor who played Eddie Munster? Which punk drummer was fired wilewatcadfsigwas fired while watching Kojak?

SRRS236 ”Full Moon Fever”

Which guitarist broke down his bass player’s door with an ax Shining style in order to retrieve a crucifix for a seance? Which album contains audio recorded during an assisted suicide? Which artist’s father had already dug his children’s graves in the basement to intimidate them? Which record was said to be impossible to break? Thanks to Deb Pellicaro for springing for some beer, which was traded for Fireball. 😀

SRRS235 ”Barnacle Bailing Flying Circus”

Which drummer never revealed his identity until he starred in a B movie called “Biceps of Steel?” Which rocket hosted a dinner party for his friends and served curry from a giant bowl that contained a pair of his underwear? Which album cover features pictures from what we think is the worst photo shoot ever? Is it possible to transfer your brain to others through the use of LSD? Who invented the mashup? #impeachLDB 🙂 Thanks for listening and sharing the show. CHEERS! AD, Ryan, Lizz