SRRS212 ”Take a Powder!”

Which rocker left the music business to own a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise? Which band did AD have a misconception of what they sounded like? Which name for the new turntable was wholly rejected by AD? Which rocker started out in Broadway at the age of 5, then studied medicine before getting into music? Which band were called Nazis despite one member’s mother being a holocaust survivor? Which band revived their career by scoring a series of supermarket tv commercials?

SRRS211 ”Teasy E. and Gretchen Goes to Hell”

Which band was named after a bass player that actually could not perform on their debut album due to contractual obligations? Which band mixed their live album AFTER partying at the bar after a gig? Which band was wrongly labeled as a christian rock band? Which band recorded at George Martin’s AIR studios and proceeded to secretly dose all the engineers with LSD?

”King’s Colon Iowa” – Ep. 210

Which singer was forced onto the top of a barn to sing in order to get the epic power required for a song? Which band has a “druggy mid period” that AD loves? Which song inspired Lizz’ husband Mark to sing high? What phone call sparked a heavy metal classic? Which two rock stars climbed Mount Everest together? Which keyboard player does AD describe as a “disinterested Hitler”?

SRRS209 ”Stroopwafels!”

Which album did AD lose in the mid 70’s and was unable to locate another copy until last month? Which drummer coaxed his bass playing brother to buy $15,000 worth of cocaine, leading his cousin and a few bodyguards to beat him up? Which superstar female rocker did AD drink Jack Daniels and get high with in the 1980’s? Which artist started out by cleaning brothels? Which singer became the self described “town drunk of Hollywood?”
Thanks to Tim Talbot for picking up a few beers for us. CHEERS!

SRRS208 “Heels on Heroin”

What event caused AD to forgive Morrissey for his years of terrible music? Which guitarist fought off 3 guys backstage trying to protect is drunk friend? Which album does AD put into the newly founded “how dare you hall of shame?” Which band was formed when the 2 founding members traded iPods?
Thanks to Tulsa Texas Exes for springing for some delicious beer. YUM!