Uriah Heep Rocks Scottsdale!

The Shabby gang all attended the Uriah Heep concert at BLK Live in Scottsdale, AZ Sunday night. Although the band’s only original member was guitarist Mick Box, the band sounded extremely tight. The rhythm section was extraordinary and the keyboard player was pumping some filthy Hammond B3. The new lead singer, who incidentally has been with the band for over 20 years now, was charismatic and held his own.

Afterwards, both Lizz and A.D. hung out with the band for some time. Mick Box was a complete delight, what a great dude. We even coaxed him into providing us a shabby road ID.

Suffice to say, if they are coming to your town grab some tickets and enjoy a great night just like we did.

The Shabby gang raise a toast to “July Morning”

Shabby Road Update

Hello all! We want to update you on the recent developments at the ol’ Shab.

A.D. is hard at work rebuilding the studio and we hope to have it up and running within the next few weeks. Both A.D. and I have several projects in the works including a string of dates with Louis Prima Jr, lessons and local gigs that have slowed the arduous process down. We had hoped to have a new episode for you this week but our schedules wouldn’t allow it.

Upon our return from the Prima dates next week we will resume the work of making Shabby Road better than ever. There is a little more building to do, but most of the gear is on site. To A.D.’s credit, he is making sure that everything is done right. No cutting corners to save time. The goal is to streamline the facility so the many projects that enter the studio work more in harmony.

We are excited about the much needed makeover that Shabby Road is getting. A new bar, new leather couches (no more Astro Van bench seats), a best of all, NEW CARPET. I no longer need my wife to hose me down RAMBO FIRST BLOOD style after recording a podcast. How many weeks will it take for us to have it trashed again? I give it about….hmm…3 weeks.

One thing that hasn’t changed is we haven’t stopped acquiring some new vinyl to share with you. The mystery boxes are piling up. So, once we get back in business, you can look forward to many more hours of Shabby entertainment.

We would like to express our gratitude to those that have helped out in this rebuild. The cold beers have been greatly needed.

Thank you for your patience. We can’t wait to get back to work. If you are needing a fix, you can listen to ALL EPISODES on this website. Just click away and explore the “Shabby’s of olde”. They still make me laugh.


Merry Christmas from Shabby Road!

We sincerely hope that Santa will deliver all the cool gifts that you asked for on your list. We apologize for getting him so damn hammered at the Shab. But hey, he had a blast. Please enjoy all 3 of our Christmas episodes today and tell Santa we said “s’up” if you see him creeping down your chimney, reeking of Shabby, around midnight…