SRRS234 ”Helicopter Banged”

Which artist had a prescription for speed, and why would a doctor prescribe that? Which artist was directed to make an anti-drug statement at a concert and doesn’t remember what he said because he was high? Which band’s stage show was so outlandish that a record label flew from England to see if it was real? What is the most famous unfinished album?

SRRS233 ”Milking the Rhinoceros’ Teet”

Which singer would routinely puke on stage much to the delight of his fans? Which band unwittingly financed a legendary recording studio thanks to their appalling contract with their manager? Who is the new “Suzi Quatro”? Which record exec left the music business to run a circus? Which drummer causes AD to give us an impromptu drum lesson? Which singer does Ryan think “sounds like he’s bathed in sweat”?
Thanks to Jonathan Thompson for springing for some beer, which was traded for Fireball. 😀

SRRSS08 “Super Segments: Just Dumb Enough To Be Great”

We have enjoyed some pretty dumb songs over the span of our show. This week, we look into a couple of our favorites. They are aggressively horny, juvenile and stupid. But we sure love talking about them. Join us on these Super Segments and lets lower our collective IQ’s.

If you would like to hear more, these segments were taken from Episode 102 “Carnal Sanders” and Episode 64 “The Tragedy Of Bedtime Bone”.