Quote AIDS ridden.  Since the last update i spend valuable cellular date downloading SRRS only to have the file corrupted. Lots of other bugs as well.


Does anyone have an alternative ap for iOS thats a little more stable???


Yes, that app is a horror show! Sorry for your problems with our show. I think the problem comes from Apple, as I've had other podcasts do that same trick when I used Apple Podcast. So, I switched to a GREAT podcasting app called OVERCAST. Free, simple, and has all the same features. Smart playlists, sleep timer, "dark mode" (which I like). Try it out, then enjoy the satisfaction of deleting that Apple Podcasting disaster.


PS, sorry for the slow response, AD and I have been on the road and I didn't bring the laptop. 🙂


Thanks Ryan, Overcast is excellent.

The show is fantastic BTW. I look forward to it every week.


Thank ya! Glad to have you on board 😀