Supper's Ready rule


Is this actually a rule?  What episode did you play Supper's Ready?  There's so many good songs that are over 10 minutes.  Just a few off the top of my head...

  1. Utopia's Theme
  2. Spanish Galleon
  3. Tarkus
  4. Child In Time (live vers.)
  5. July Morning

Dig your list Tire Iron!  Supper's Ready can be heard on "Side Boobs III"


Other favs over 10 minutes (no live versions) Song - Album - Band - Running time;

Mobius Slip - Dimensionaut - Sound of Contact - 19:36

Frozen Moment - One Eye on the Sunrise - Nine Stones Close - 13:35

Lonseome Crow - Lonsome Crow - Scorpions - 13:29

Arriving Somewhere But Not Here - Deadwing - Porcupine Tree - 12:02

Pride - The World is a Game - Mystery - 11:28


Get your prog on!



So many great songs over 10 min. Child in Time (live) is amazing, Utopia, great, all the best songs on the "Armageddon" band's self titled debut are long.

We've broken the "Supper's Ready" rule a few times, but generally try not to so the show doesn't get too long.



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