SRRS229 ”There’s Gotta Be More Butter in the House”

Which artist admonished his audience for not knowing the words to his hit song? Which rocker became his band’s frontman based on his personality despite having a better singing and better looking bassist? Which band got Ray Davies to produce their album because they were huge Kinks fans, but hated the results? Who holds the title for “worst band at reading contracts?”

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SRRS228 ”Kiss the Pink Microphone”

Which rock guitarist died on stage in Nashville? What is the “invisible record?” Which guitarist became an acting coach, training actors how to act like they play guitar? Which female singer causes AD to say to Suzi Quatro and Jeannie C. Riley “move over!”. Which artist had his 45 bootlegged by the mob?
Thanks to Shane Paisley for springing for some delicious beer. YUM!

SRRSS06 “Super Segments: Heavy Metal Massacre!”

Put on your sleeveless jean jacket, studded arm bands and high top sneakers because the Shabby gang is all 80’s metal this week. First up, AD takes us back to 1985 when he was palling around with Wendy and Ronnie DIO during the Sacred Heart tour. Next, Ryan infuriates AD by bringing Quiet Riot. And you thought he hated Motley Crue!

If you would like to hear more, these segments were taken from Episode 32 “A Whiskey Dicked Dragon” and Episode 39 “Me and My Female Canine Genitalia”.

SRRS227 ”There’s LSD in the Kool-Aid, Child!”

Which rock star briefly left the business to attend Harvard? Which lead singer was once spotted “cheerfully” snorting an unknown green powder with Tommy James and the Shondells? What job can you expect to get with a masters degree in Ethno Musicology? Which band was so ugly that the album cover with their picture was recalled and reissued with different artwork? Which singer does AD not care for because he feels like he’s being yelled at?

SRRS226 ”Urine a Safer Place”

Which rocker narrated a children’s fable on record for his son? Whose set list does Ryan use to put AD on an emotional roller coaster? Which artist had an album rejected but after one song became a hit the record label offered to buy it back? Which rocker banned drummers using cymbals from his album?

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