SRRS168 ”You Mow, I’ll Bag”

Which rock star was once visited by a German man selling Nazi teeth and skulls? Which band did AD see 6 times in the 1970’s and they were awful every time? Which band began with making a CD to accompany a book of photography? Which band’s first manager died of a heroin overdose? Which songwriter was worried when his co writer was happy with a song?

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Ryan, AD, LIZZ, SAL5000

SRRSH09 “Happy Hour 9”

Shabby music geeks return for an hour of ROCK AND ROLL VINYL related games, trivia, and discussion. Southern rock bands ‘wrastle’ to see who survives a corn fed game of OVERBOARD. Three disparate records are up for sale and Ryan has to put them in order according to value in a crazy version of PRICE HIKE. Your Shabby pals match wits in LUSCIOUS LIZZ’ ROCK AND ROLL QUIZ. Ryan has a brand new batch of HEEP or POE and AD’s HAPPY TRACK is by a well dressed man who’s boozing heavily and….hmmm hmmm hmmm.
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SRRS167 ”Take My Side, Please”

This week, 6 more classic records, Dio and Paul Stanley have a “Listen!” contest, Cher tries to recount a story, and the word “toddler” sparks outrage.

Which drummer was the subject of many practical jokes from his fellow band members, including the guitarist lighting his beard on fire? Which album artwork spelled the title wrong causing the album to be listed with the incorrect spelling? Which guitarist had an incident where a fan approached him and creepily said “I’ve been in your house?” Which future rock star attended school in the same district, same years as AD? Which UK band lost out to Guns N’ Roses for Best International Video at the 1988 MTV Video Awards? Which band was forced by management to wear civil war uniforms as their “gimmick”?