SRRS223 “Fuh-Didda Fuh-Didda Fuh-Didda”

Where is Stuart, and will his credit card activity lead us to his whereabouts? What was AD wearing when he was arrested by a hot female cop in Amsterdam? Which 80’s metal band do AD and Ryan introduce to Ricky? Which singer’s father was the piano player for Dean Martin?

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SRRS222 “Break Me Off a Piece of that Slappy Wong”

Which rocker became, as AD calls it, “the Mel Blanc of Anime”? Which rocker crashed his car through the gates of Graceland? Which artist is rumored to have killed one or more of his 7 wives? Which album has been described as “a crime scene?”
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Ryan, AD, LIZZ, SAL5000

SRRS221 “File in my Fudge Cake”

Which singer got into an all out brawl with Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson on stage, in the middle of a concert? What do Ryan and AD consider to be the best concept album of all time? Which production team met when they worked together to book the Dave Clark Five at their college?
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SRRSS05 “Super Segments: KISS Killers and An All Time Shabby Crack Up”

Featured on this edition, our discussion on KISS KILLERS from 1982. After this episode was released in season 5, an episode called “Pepper Ringo” one of our listeners noticed that during the segment we do impression of every member of KISS. Paul, Gene, Ace, Peter, and Eric Carr. After that we will travel back to season 3 episode 98, for one of the all time best Shabby crack ups. AD’s impression of Fred from the B52s sends everyone in the room into hysterics.

SRRS220 “Liberace Dressed”

Which artists switched their stage names when the art director of their debut album incorrectly listed the wrong names under their picture? What is AD’s pet peeve with respect to album art? Which band was formed after a drunken phone call from the guitarist to the singer? Which rock star’s boobs did AD catch a glimpse of? How can you call a guy a racist for marrying your niece?
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