SRRS206 ”Underbeer!”

Which rock star has AD always wanted to smoke a doob with? Which album was delayed by a George Forman/Joe Frasier fight? Which album artwork influenced Chad’s wardrobe? Which album did AD recently plop down $35 for? Which animal species commits mass suicides every generation?
Thanks to Kingsley Dwier for purchasing beer for us! Cheers!

SRRS205 “Hubba Hubba Hubba”

Which rocker’s final request before his death was to get a copy of his band’s greatest hits on vinyl? Which band’s former guitarist demanded his image be airbrushed out of the current tour t-shirts? Which musician died of a heart attack on stage while singing a crowd favorite? Which band was ripped off by a man who booked shows under their name while claiming he was an original member, when in reality they had never heard of him? Which band failed miserably when attempting to have their debut concert at Madison Square Garden with no record out?
Thanks to Charlie Diliberti for springing for some delicious beer. YUM!

SRRS204 ”..For Your Uncle Suzi”

Which singer lost all her money when her accountant disclosed that he had not paid her taxes throughout her career? Which album sparks a conversation about taking your grandmother to a “drum off”? Which pioneering skateboarder became a punk rock singer? Which concert’s parking lot served as AD’s training course while learning how to drive a stick shift? Which band sparks a great debate between Ryan and AD? Which singer gained notoriety by flashing her genitals in public?
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Ryan, AD, LIZZ, SAL5000

SRRS202 ”Beating My Elvis In Public”

Which band crushed 3000 paper coffee cups to create the sound of a marching army on their record? Which songwriting duo split apart when one of them presented a country ballad for them to record on their 3rd album? Which singer sparked controversy by collecting Nazi war memorabilia for his antique shop? Which band got their name from the movie “The Goonies”?

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SRRS201 ”Domo Arigato Yourself”

Which artist formed his own band named after him and upon quitting, his band carried on still using his name? Which song was inspired by the singer hitting on the wife of a singer recording in an adjacent studio? Which band gained traction when another band covered their demo tape and submitted it to Guitar Hero II? Which frontman and female backup singer did a new Playboy spread in 1976? Thanks to Tim Talbot for the QUALITY beers. Guinness and Four Peaks Kilt Lifter, now that’s class! **apologies for the occasional “scratchiness” of Johnny’s microphone this week. Our mixing console is indeed “shabby”. It will clear up a third of the way through. Thank you.