SRRS002 EPISODE 2 – “Shooting Down the Walls of Heartache”

What album restored AD’s faith in rock and roll? What is the correct answer to ‘What is America’s best rock and roll city?’ Why is Ryan hesitant to pull Canadians out of his mystery box? What’s dirt does AD spill about DIO? All this and the usual reckless banter. You can also listen on Itunes, Spreaker, and Stitcher | Find Us on Facebook |

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6 thoughts on “SRRS002 EPISODE 2 – “Shooting Down the Walls of Heartache”

  1. Oh – and cheers to Ryan for picking the perfect Nick Gilder track. it doesn’t get much better … I told you about the time he called my house years ago, didn’t I?? Yep, “You mean, the ‘Hot Child In The City’ Nick Gilder???” I’m a genius …

  2. I love how A.D. tells you to close your eyes while you’re driving when listening to the Genesis song.

    Rule 1 – Never take A.D.’s advice!

  3. AD – Heard of Ms. White’s passing. You? Call me 704-906-3327. Want to listen to Shabby but, after reading the teasers, get a sense I’ve already been there for part of the ride. Can’t (and won’t) click on it until I talk to you.
    I saw the promo teaser here and want to know what the fuck I win if I answer the Mick Ralphs question without listening.
    Fuck Mick Ralphs!!! Ian should have chopped his nuts off for leaving MOTT!!! Am I right? Please call me. Or give me your #. TON