SRRS009 Episode 9 “I’m a Screaming Teenage Girl”

What artist’s record was rumored to be actually the work of Paul McCartney? What band got Ryan so tweaked he was nearly tackled by a team of security guards? Why is AD so disgusted with America? What band has a ‘sedentary hitleresque keyboard player’? Hear the crazy story of a man called Dinky. What is the significance of the phrase “wait a minute officer, don’t put those handcuffs on me, put em on HER” | Like us on Facebook | visit | #vinyl #classicrock #podcast music, vinyl, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1960’s, hard, rock, classic, metal, proto, punk

3 thoughts on “SRRS009 Episode 9 “I’m a Screaming Teenage Girl”

  1. Dude the show’s awesome, I’ve been listening to you guys out here in monessen PA, at DEC Tom Savini school for special effects make-up and it really makes me feel at home. Thanks for that. Also I have this track I think you guys should listen to, its not on vinyl but I think you should give it a listen. Its incredible. I figured since your last episode you guys said that you were going to send a press release to Japan you should give this gnarly band a listen, but only if you listen to it all the way through. I cant stress that enough.

    • hey Nick! Great to hear from you as always. That video was maybe the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. What in the world was going on there? I did however manage to “stop the winny upload”… haha