SRRS075 “Otto Correct”

This week our pal and Emmy Award winning producer, singer, songwriter Otto D’Agnolo drops by with his own mystery box and joins in the Shabby fun. Why is Otto known as the Grim Reaper of producers in Phoenix? Which band swapped one set of brothers for another set of brothers? Which band broke up and a few of the members moved to LA to record demos with Vinnie Vincent? Which album proves that AD’s “never heard it, but I can tell by the cover it’s a cool album” instincts are still intact? Which album by a famous artist contains the official version of a song demoed by Ryan, AD and Otto? What was found in the basement of the mortuary that Otto’s band rehearsed in? | Like us on Facebook | Buy us a round of BEERS by visiting | Questions, Comments, Requests? Email us
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