SRRS083 “I Have a Vacillating Decoupage In My Pants”

Our pal Dan Shinder from Drum Talk TV drops by with a mystery box of his own and hangs out with us this week. Which singer would dip underneath the fog of dry ice on stage to read his cheat sheet of lyrics placed on the floor? Which drummer did Ryan talk to that caused him to walk into Shabby strutting like Barney Fife? Which life changing album did Dan’s friend play for him in his VW Bug in 1976? Which singer showed his producer a picture of Little Richard in a red suit getting into a Cadillac and said “I want my album to sound like this”? Which classic Shabby Road favorite contains songs about plane crashes, animal sacrifice, teen angst, virgins, royal Canadian mounted police and invaders from outer space? Which famous guitar riff was actually played in the studio by the band’s bass player? | Like us on Facebook | Buy us a round of BEERS by visiting | Questions, Comments, Requests? Email us

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