SRRS127 ”Mikeypalooza”

Join Ryan, AD, Lizz, Ricky and HAL as they pay tribute to Shabby favorite and frequent guest host, Mikey Bones. Mikey passed away on April 1, 2017. He can be heard on 3 of our best episodes. The gang loads up the mystery boxes with Mikey’s favorites and tons of great stories. Mikey would want us to rock out and laugh. Mission accomplished!

Which band wrote a song about hookers being sent to space to service astronauts? Which Shabby favorite got blown off the stage by their opening act “The Doobie Brothers” on their North American tour? Which song about 3 friends does AD associate with his friendship with Ryan and Mikey? Which singer was so out of it, he heard his own song and declared “we should cover this song”, not realizing it was him singing. Which song was inspired by rows of telephone poles on a Kansas highway? Which band had one of their master tapes accidentally thrown in the trash and had to fish it out of the dumpster behind the studio?

Listen to Mikey on the Shabby Road Record Show
Episode 35 “We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bat”
Episode 51 “AD and the Aardvark”
Episode 93 “Don’t Go Breakin’ My Legs”

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