SRRS133 “Return of the Dollar Record Bonanza”

Did you know that there are amazing records lurking in the dollar rack at your local record store? The gang at Shabby proves this by loading up the mystery boxes with recent finds from those glorious $1 crates. Find out what they gems they unearthed this time! Which album did AD find that was a UK pressing from 1969 in the original shrink wrap? Which album was playing when AD encountered his brother’s 4 friends passing 4 joints and singing nonsense along with the music? Which song got Ryan, AD and Mikey up to dance with Ryan’s Grandma in the middle of a poker game? Which rocker left the business to do voice over work and did several voices for a then unknown cartoon called Pokemon? Which album was so anti-religious the label refused to release it until the band performed it on tour and asked the audience to call the label and demand it’s release? Who is Ryan’s 2nd favorite drummer behind John Bonham?
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