SRRSL03 Lifers “Chapter Three” with Terry Davies

‘Lifers’ returns this month LIVE from the Pacific Ocean with a special guest all the way from Manchester, England. Terry Davies tells his story about growing up in the UK and his first concert being Slade and Wizzard. Are you kidding? Awesome. Terry is an outstanding pianist and singer who also runs his own management company TAD management. He says one of the most profound things ever on Lifers. And, you will learn what was the most important thing to ever come from Liverpool. Hope you enjoy his story. | Like us on Facebook | visit | #vinyl #classicrock music, vinyl, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1960’s, hard, rock, classic, metal, proto, punk, #manchester, #slade, #Liverpool

One thought on “SRRSL03 Lifers “Chapter Three” with Terry Davies

  1. I found listening to this interview was very interesting. Love learning about people on how their lives were when growing up. Very much enjoyed it!