Stagger into Shabby Road in April

The Shabby Road Record Show is a music talk podcast hosted by myself (Ryan McKay) and A.D. Adams.  Each week we enter the dark and dank environment known as Shabby Road Studio with 3 vinyl records each housed in our own separate ‘mystery record box’.

The records style range from classic and often rare 60’s and 70’s rock, 80’s heavy metal, and sometimes the absurd.   A.D. and I discuss the backstory of each record often sharing personal stories.

Yes,  we are actually playing the original vinyl releases in all their scratchy and warm glory.  You will hear us as we drop the needle….or miscue the song.

So if you are obsessed with music as we are join us at Shabby for an hour or so of some laughs,  great rock and roll and a few cold ones.

Drop your Needle!!

Ryan McKay

2 thoughts on “Stagger into Shabby Road in April

    • Ha! Soon, Jennifer. AD and I are heading to New York this week. So we’re back in studio next Tuesday. Thanks for supporting the show! 18 pack of Budweiser will be there waiting for us thanks to you. 🙂